ENEA delivers constantly improved products and services, exceeding Customers’ expectations due to motivated teams working in a friendly, safe and innovative organisation.


ENEA is a leading supplier of integrated raw materials and energy related products and services and other innovative services for the wide range of Customers, recognised for the quality, comprehensiveness and reliability.

ENEA has defined 60 strategic initiatives, of which over 50% are of innovative nature.

The implementation of potential-enhancing initiatives will support, i.a., the development of innovative products, services and business lines of ENEA Group.

Development strategy
Clean coal technologies (including IGCC)
Development of dispersed polygenerations
Hybrid RES
Mine of intelligent solutions
Best practices and mining efficiency
Smart distribution network
Operation services (also for micro-networks and mines)
Development of micro and macro energy clusters
Prosumer installations
Integrated product and service packages
Services under the Internet of Things

Basic investment budget in the amount of PLN 26.4 billion

Estimated capital expenditures of ENEA Group in the years 2016-2030 [PLN m, current prices]

Mining 3,712 2,080
Distribution 9,501 5,193
Generation 4,808 504
Other 403 153
Total basic investment budget of ENEA Group 18,424 7,930
CAPEX potential 1 6,176 5,320
Increasing the investment potential 2 3,200 2,500
ENEA Group Total 27 800 15 750
  1. CAPEX potential maintaining the net debt / EBITDA ratio on a safe level.
  2. Increasing the investment potential by PLN 5.7bn as a result of the implementation of innovative strategic initiatives (EBITDA increase).