The risk management organisation at ENEA Group is based on a coordinated model. The key assumption of the model operation is the coordination of risk management processes within the Group by ENEA S.A.

Key features of the coordinated model:

  • Group companies manage risks on the basis of uniform standards set out in the Policies and Procedures.
  • Companies ensure operating management of risks within allocated limits and pursuant to the rules approved by ENEA Group Risk Committee.
  • Individual companies report to ENEA S.A. on the measures implemented in the area of risk management.
  • ENEA S.A. acts in its capacity as the process coordinator in ENEA Group.
  • The Company’s organisational structure is divided into Front-, Middle- and Back Office.
  • The organisational structure in place at Companies is divided into Front Office (unit performing operational tasks), Middle Office (unit performing advisory, control and coordination tasks) and Back Office (unit performing tasks in the area of settlements, accounting records and debt collection).
Risk management