Another step towards the launch of the construction of Ostrołęka C

On 4 April 2018, Elektrownia Ostrołęka Sp. z o.o. resolved a public procurement award procedure entitled “Construction of Elektrownia Ostrołęka C with an approximate output of 1,000 MW ” by selecting the a Consortium composed of GE Power Sp. z o.o. and Alstom Power System S.A.S as the General Contractor. The settlement of the procedure was not tantamount to granting consent to conclude a contract with the General Contractor – in order to grant such a consent, a prior agreement of the ENEA’s Supervisory Board was necessary, among other things. The contract for the construction of Elektrownia Ostrołęka C with the consortium composed of GE companies (GE Power Sp. z o.o. and Alstom Power Systems SAS) was signed on 12 July 2018. Signing the agreement by the special purpose entity with the General Constructor is not tantamount to giving the consent for the notice to proceed.

Further actions for the development of electromobility

On 20 April 2018, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Energy, ENEA Serwis, Kolejowe Zakłady Łączności, Grupa LOTOS, Poczta Polska and Telewizja Polska signed agreements on the joint actions towards the development of electromobility. The aim of the signed documents is to develop electromobility and to strengthen the cooperation between the companies in this scope. The companies will support each other in their efforts to increase the efficiency of their fleets of vehicles by introducing alternative fuel cars and creating the necessary infrastructure for them. Moreover, on 25 June 2018, the National Centre for Research and Development and energy companies: ENEA, Energa-Operator, PGE Dystrybucja and Tauron Dystrybucja signed a Letter of Intent relating to multilateral cooperation for the development of electromobility in Poland. The objective of the “e-VAN” programme is the development of innovative, zero emissions commercial vehicle. The vehicle will be aligned with the needs of the signatories of the letter of intent, so that it can by used, among other things, in the companies' fleets for the performance of daily tasks.

The warranty inspection of the new power unit in Kozienice Power Plant

From 7 to 27 May 2018, the warranty inspection of the new generation unit in Kozienice Power Plant, Unit No. 11 – the biggest and the most modern unit in this power plant – was being carried out. It is the largest, the most efficient and the most modern hard coal power unit in Poland. Unit No. 11 was put into operation on 19 December 2017.

Changes in Management Boards of the subsidiaries

On 10 May 2018, Krzysztof Figat left his office of the President of ENEA Wytwarzanie. As of 4 June 2018, after carrying out the qualification procedure, the Supervisory Board of ENEA Wytwarzanie company appointed Antoni Józwowicz as the CEO of ENEA Wytwarzanie. Antoni Józwowicz during his career held numerous management and executive positions, among other things, as the president of Polimex-Mostostal S.A., where he was responsible for the final stage of Unit No. 11 construction in ENEA Wytwarzanie.

Bogdanka of the ENEA Group applied for a concession to extract the “K-6 and K-7” deposit

On 11 May 2018, LW Bogdanka applied to the Minister of Environment for a concession to extract hard coal from the “K-6 and K-7” deposit in the region of Lublin. It borders directly with the “Puchaczów V” mining area, which is being currently exploited by Bogdanka. The operable resources covered by the Deposit Management Project in the period of validity of the concession requested by the company, which expires in 2046, are estimated at 66 million tonnes. Then, Bogdanka is planning to apply for the extension of this concession, which would ensure the increase of the level of resources by additional 60-70 million tonnes. The increase of resources by 66 million tonnes would result in the extension of the life of the mine approximately by nine years. The work on the first longwall of the K-6 and K-7 deposit may commence in 2022 – assuming that the concession will be granted this year.

ENEA supports vocational education...

ENEA developed a programme of cooperation between ENEA Group companies and vocational education schools and technical schools, which assumes providing the patronage for 14 vocational education schools and technical schools. These schools stand out as they provide their students with high quality education and skills development in the occupations which are in the highest demand in ENEA Group companies. The programme was launched on 17 May 2018 in Połaniec. ENEA and ENEA Elektrownia Połaniec signed the patronage agreement with Oddział Partyzancki AK “Jędrusie” School Complex in Połaniec.

... and higher education

In October 2018, in cooperation with Poznań University of Technology, ENEA Group is launching a pilot dual study programme for BA students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. After graduating from this type of studies, a graduate will have both a diploma and the proper professional experience. The dual studies are the innovative system of studying – they cover acquiring academic knowledge and gaining practical experience. The curriculum of these studies covers the necessary scope of the theoretical knowledge that is meant to be acquired during lectures, laboratory and practical classes, as well as workshops at Poznań University of Technology (3 days in a week) accompanied by practical classes – laboratory and project classes in the companies belonging to ENEA Group (2 days in a week).

ENEA Serwis is constructing the photovoltaic power plant in Szczecin

ENEA Serwis will construct the photovoltaic power plant with the rated power of 420 kW together with electro-energetic connections. In June, the company won the tender issued by the investor – West Pomeranian Oncology Centre in Szczecin. The construction of the plant was completed in Q3 2018. The power plant consists of two parts: freestanding part with the electrical power of 404.24 kW and the part installed on the roof of the administrative building with the electrical power of 18.60 kW.